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Homeschool Day 

****We have decided as a family to not host Homeschool Day for 2021.  We are giving ourselves a rest and re-evaluating this event for future years. Thank you to all of you great homeschool families who participated in this event the couple years we hosted this event.  Many of you gave feed back and shared your enjoyment and appreciation for the service we provided. We thank our Heavenly Father for you supporting us and the ability to educate the next generation.  As we take a rest we do hope to again re-open this event in the coming years. Till then keep enjoying God's creation, and why eat the fake syrup when you can have pure maple syrup!!!***********

Watch and learn as the Sugarmaker
crafts his maple syrup,
 sharing samples

of his yummy syrup with his helpers. 

Visit the petting farm of friendly farm
animals from local farmers. 
even get to help feed a baby calf. 

Watch an educational video on maple syrup to learn
about the history, products,  other fun maple facts.  Also check
out the tools the Sugarmaker uses
to collect his maple sap. 

Enjoy the best pancakes with maple
syrup and sausage and juice!

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