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Our Story

Our maple adventure began in 2011. We made 5 gallons of maple syrup from tapping four large maple trees in the front yard.

In 2012 we purchased a little evaporator and sold it shortly thereafter because we soon realized the potential of over 100 taps in our neighborhood. We purchased a 2 x 6 evaporator and with a little over 200 taps made 70 gallons of syrup.

In 2013 we purchase a 2 x 8 evaporator, had 800 taps and made 400 gallons of syrup.

This is a family owned and operated business. We have five little children who help us in some way whether it is tromping through the woods, helping with lines and taps or carrying bottles to be shelved. They especially love eating Mommy’s experimental cookings with maple syrup.

Daniel & Christy, Kenny, Meghan, Ashtyn, KaeLyn, Dalton
Reggie & Dianna

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